Gay Florida Travel & Attractions

Living in Gay Florida

Living in Gay Florida

My partner and I have Lived together in different areas of Florida for over 30 years. We've traveled all around Florida.

I wouldn't live anywhere else. Thankfully, the west coast is slowly becoming more gay friendly everyday. There are still many backwards places that are super conservative but that's another post!

Florida is broken up into quadrants and coasts.

 We live along the Nature Coast with the Mermaids & Manatees.  Pretty quiet area about 45 minutes North of Tampa Bay.

Tampa and Clearwater are very gay friendly on the west coast.

On the east coast from Jupiter south it is also very gay friendly.

There are a lot of little friendly towns here.

Floridians are great people. More progressive on the east coast and a lot more laid back on the west coast.

Florida Waters

 Come and visit or make this your home. 

My next blog will be on where you can afford to live.


Thanks for reading  Deborah